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Beginner Games

Your beginner students can review classroom verbs and objects vocabulary until the cows come home with this set of beautifully illustrated matching cards. These heavy card stock paper cards come cut and shrink wrapped in a pack of 56. And when you’ve finished with card games, move on to a bingo game to review even more. All illustrations by Mark Perrault. 

Notice the choice of font below. The a and g resemble the handwritten a and g, lessening confusion for lower level students. Different races and age groups are featured. 

Teachers generally use one set of matching cards per four to six students. Only one set of bingo cards is required for a class of 18.

The 18-card bingo game set comes shrink wrapped and features the same images found in the set of matching cards. Each bingo card is different. 

The Classroom Bingo Master Sheet shows all the vocabulary included on the bingo cards, so teachers or callers can keep track of which words have been called.

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