Why use these books?

These photocopiable task-based group stories transform the classroom into a hub of communicative, cooperative activity. Focusing on theme-based vocabulary building, discussion is stimulated through thought-provoking questions in the areas of relationships, ethics, and cross-cultural comparison.

  • an essential role for each student
  • peer teaching lowers affective filter
  • stories improve listening skills
  • memorization trains the ear in English syntax
  • discussions bridge the gap between advanced level cognitive skills & low level linguistic skills
  • illustrations make stories accessible
  • group questions improve writing skills
  • cloze exercises reinforce vocabulary, idioms & syntax

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The Non-Jigsaw Books, Matching Cards & Bingo Games

The three non-jigsaw books Callan’s Beginner EssentialsCallan’s Canadian Holidays for Low Beginner ESL and Callan’s Conversation Surveys for Beginner ESL feature abundant, clear illustrations and basic information, while carefully avoiding difficult vocabulary, making them accessible to the lowest level students. 

Matching Cards and Bingo games make vocabulary study fun for low beginners. 

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