Beginner Canada Jigsaws

What could otherwise be a serious, individual or teacher-centred area of content-based ESL is transformed into lively, interactive lessons with this book.

Excellent preparation for citizenship, Callan's Beginner Canada Jigsaws features jigsaws on the territories and all the provinces of Canada, as well as one jigsaw on each of the following: Canada's major cities, government, aboriginals and the history of the Chinese in Canada. Group exercises, which follow the jigsaws, include tic tac toe games, card games, dictation games, cloze passages and other activities.

Students will learn basic geographical information, as well as the main facts about the people and industries of Canada's provinces and territories, in a fun and easy to remember format. Content focusses primarily on information considered general knowledge by well-informed Canadians.

Here is the unit on PEI. Take a look at these pages and download the PDF at the end if you want to try it in your own classroom.


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