Valentine’s Day Reading for Low Beginners

Your students will notice the ubiquitous hearts and flowers on Valentine’s Day. Help them crack the cultural code by teaching about this widely observed special day in Anglo-culture.

Not only do many other cultures not celebrate anything like Valentine’s Day, do not assume that telling your significant other “I love you” is common in all other cultures. For some, love is an action shown everyday through the fulfillment of the roles of wife or husband or mother or father that does not need to be vocalized. 

The worksheets below are free to download for non-commercial classroom teacher use only. Click on the images and a PDF will pop up that you can print out. If they are not right for your level, perhaps you could pass them on to another teacher with low beginners who could use them. 

I start this activity by having students practice the vocabulary with a matching exercise:

I’m a big fan of having students read the story, cut it up, put it back together, and read it again. And again! Rinse and repeat.

This story is followed by a cloze passage that will pop up with this lesson. 

Valentine’s Day jigsaws for mid-beginner and intermediate can be found in the holidays books here.

Let me know how it goes. Keep in touch with me on Twitter @ESLjigsaws

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