Audio CDs


Don’t have time for a full 2 or 3 hour lesson? Use the story as a listening exercise instead of a jigsaw.

Don’t have time to do the cloze passage today? Do it tomorrow as a listening exercise, to reinforce the vocabulary learned the class before.

These CDs are audio versions of the jigsaw stories found in the books. Having the audio version gives you far more flexibility in how to use the books.

Click to purchase a CD for Contemporary Jigsaws 1:

Click to purchase a CD for Contemporary Jigsaws 2:

$15 each plus $2.50 shipping and handling

The stories are read by Nancy Callan, James Allison, Paul Badger, Elaine Chan, Mark Batt, Raymond Gee, James Harder, Naomi Stevens, Jill Tatham, and Sian Tudela.

To hear a sample from Contemporary 2 CD to listen to or to use in your own classroom, click here.

Callan’s Canadian Holidays for Low Beginner ESL

CDs accompany the cloze passages. Lower level students often need to hear the story again and again in order to fill in the cloze passage. Teachers can simply read the passage over and over themselves rather than purchasing the audio CD. But for sanity sake, many prefer to just push the button on a CD player. Furthermore, it is good practice for students to hear other voices in the classroom. The stories are read by Imogen Mutama, whose beautiful voice you will grow to love.

Click to purchase a CD for Callan’s Canadian Holidays ($15 plus $2.50 shipping and handling):