Conversation Surveys

for Beginner ESL

This beginner level book, suitable for literacy, level one or level two ESL, bridges the gap between elementary level language skills and advanced level cognitive skills. Each page features one survey question only, clearly illustrated through unambiguous pictures to ensure minimal explanations are required. Students practice speaking and conversational skills by interviewing their classmates (or native speakers of English!) about their preferences, habits and attitudes. The many repetitions of the target vocabulary help build long term memory.

The book begins with simple surveys, such as "What is your name? Please spell it." and "Where are you from?" and moves on to more interesting questions in the themes of Personal Information, Health, Transportation, Food, Shopping and others.

Here is a fun free sample from the book. Click on this image to download and try in your class.

Here are two pages from the food section:

The book begins with simpler questions for low level students, such as this:

Here is a page for a banking unit:


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